Mask Material Absorption Principle

During Coronavirus-19 Pandemic, face masks are one of the most used daily items in everyday life, and everyone is familiar with them. The following editors of disposable masks will give a brief introduction to the majority of users.
Brownian motion: Because the particle size is too small, it is susceptible to continuous impact by other gas molecules, causing their movement trajectory to be irregular Brownian motion, and the smaller the particle is, the stronger the effect is when adsorbed on the fiber surface; the intercepting particle size is too large, Mask Can not penetrate the gap of the fiber, and then directly captured by the fiber surface, the larger the particle size, the better the effect.
Inertial impact Inertia is the continuous nature of the movement of the particles themselves. If the gas and the suspended particles impact the filter cloth or filter material at the same speed, the gas will change its flow direction with the holes in the filter material. At this time,Mask the larger particles It will still maintain the original flow direction due to inertia, so it will hit the filter material to achieve the function of filtration. The larger the mass and the faster the particles, the better the filtering effect.
Electrostatic attraction: because the fiber is charged,Mask  the ultrafine particles are attracted to the surface of the fiber. The smaller the particle size, the lighter the particles are,Mask  the easier it is to attract. Settling effect: direct sedimentation caused by the gravity of the particles themselves, which is captured by the filter material ; The greater the quality, the more opportunities.

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