How does the factory of HORIZON PROTECTIVE Ensure the Production during the Epidemic period?

Due to the global coronavirus is still tense, Horizon Protective Productive Co.,Ltd, always pay more attention to the protective products manufacturing and the staff safety. And all the manufacturing environment, products and the staff have been following a series of strict disinfection and testing process. We will try our best to supply more mask, disposable cap, disposable shoe cover, disposable bedsheet, nonwoven material, etc.custom face mask
Firstly, every employee shall follow the strict procedures of temperature detection, disinfection, dressing and hand hygiene protection, and conduct microbiological testing on both hands every week.
Secondly, the products are produced in the 100,000 grade purification workshop (pharmaceutical grade). The workshop floor is disinfected every day with the ultraviolet disinfection lamp. And then it will arrange detecting by the plankton bacteria and the sedimentation bacteria.