3-Ply face mask
3-Ply face mask
  • 3-Ply face mask
  • 3-Ply face mask
  • 3-Ply face mask
  • 3-Ply face mask
  • 3-Ply face mask

3-Ply face mask

Tie on disposable face mask 

Tie on disposable Non Woven 3ply Face Mask
(1). Nose Bar Adaptable
(2). BFE≥95%
(3). Color:Blue/White/Green/Pink and customized
(4). Applications:Hospitals, clinics
(5) stable and comfortable


The disposable medical mask is suitable for covering the mouth, nose and jaw of the user, and is used in a general medical environment to wear, block the oral cavity and nasal cavity to exhale or spray contaminants. The bacterial filtration efficiency of the mask is greater than 95%

How to Use:
1. Before use, check whether the packaging is in good condition and confirm the expiry date of the product.
2. Open the packaging, take out the mask, extend and pull the mask to the face with hands and keep the metallic strip uppermost and the side with folds downward outward; press the metallic strip from the nose bridge to two sides with fingertips to mould the metallic strip over the nose bridge and the masak over the face.

1. It can effectively avoid the threat of respirable dust

From the perspective of the principle of the current reliable disposable masks, it can be found that this kind of disposable masks can pass through layers of barriers, control the fine dust, and the characteristic micro-aperture material can deal with smog. The severe adjustment of the weather. Nowadays, reliable quality disposable masks are protected against fine dust such as PM2.5. The corresponding mask materials ensure finer air and good adsorption effect, allowing its own existence during the application process. The various pollutants are controlled to avoid breathing inhalation.

2. It can effectively resist bacterial and viral infections

High-quality and assured sterile materials and reliable anti-bacterial technology have given the current high-quality pre-sales disposable masks have good anti-virus capabilities. Under the current application of this reliable and reliable disposable mask, it can avoid odors and non-sunglass inlet nose can also filter the air in this way to achieve the effect of blocking harmful gases. Under professional applications, it can make respiratory infectious diseases. The chance of infection has been effectively controlled.
face mask elastic
Our advantage
1. Easily Cope With Six Major Air Pollution:
smog dust HCHO apatter abnormal taste, bacteria

2. Three Layers of Protection, trustworthy:
   (1) Soft non-woven fabric layer, 25g/m2 non-woven fabric, it can absorb harmful dust particles.
   (2) Microfiltration meltblown cloth layer, 25g/m2 micro nanotechnology fabric make the product low resistance useful.
   (3) Non-woven skin layer, skin-friendly, 25g/m2 non-woven fabric, breathable, comfortable

Tie on 3-Ply face mask
Raw material 68% non-woven fabric, 32% melt-blown fabric
Technics Flat Mask
Weight 0.2 kilo/box
Size 9.5CM*17.5CM
Colors Blue,white or customized
MOQ 2500 PCS
Carton Size: 53*43*44.5CM
Loading port:  Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Packaging 50 pcs/box, 2500 pcs/ctn
Charateristics BFE≥95,Breathable
Optional Treatment Water-repellent,Anti-bacteria
Tie on 3-Ply face mask manufacturer

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