Brief analysis of the use and material composition of face mask medical

The main function of face mask medical is to protect medical staff and others. When there is serious environmental pollution and sudden medical infectious diseases, such as respiratory infections, it is best to wear face mask medical. Let’s introduce face mask medical to everyone. How to protect the wearer.

Face mask medical is a kind of close-fitting self-priming filter type medical protective equipment. The protection level is higher than that of ordinary masks. It is suitable for patients with respiratory infections that are transmitted through the air or through droplets at close range. It is also suitable for ordinary people. Wear to block germs.

Face mask medical is a single-use product that can filter particles in the air and block droplets, blood, body fluids, and secretion droplets. Face mask medical can prevent most bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, and can prevent the wearer from being infected by viruses in the air.

In terms of material, the outer layer is generally made of polypropylene moisture-proof non-woven fabric protective layer, which is waterproof, which can effectively isolate droplets and prevent liquid leakage into the mask; the middle layer is high The density filter layer helps protect large particles of dust; the inner layer can directly contact the skin of the nose and mouth.

The non-woven fabrics of medical protective masks have been treated with special hydrophilicity, so they are very soft and breathable. Both sides are equipped with sturdy and flexible nose bands, so that the medical masks can form a good sealing effect. During the outbreak of infectious diseases, the Ministry of Health will also advise people to wear medical masks to protect themselves. Ordinary masks are relatively loose and can completely cover the nose and mouth, but they cannot effectively filter small particles in the air. When the user inhales, it cannot prevent the edge of the mask from leaking. For the health of yourself and others, please wear a medical mask!