31 Aug 2022

What Are Non-Woven Fabrics?

Non-woven fabrics also come into the eyes of the public as raw materials for medical products. But, do you actually understand what it is? Fortunately, this post would illustrate what are non-woven fabrics and what they are used for.

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28 Jul 2022

Printed Face Masks Wholesale

It depends on the amount and type of face mask your order. In Horizon, our minimum order quantity is 2500. if you are hunting for custom printed face masks or logo printed face mask, you can contact us:

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27 Jul 2022

Medical Grade Shoe Cover

All in all, for the medical workers, the medical shoe cover is a necessity in medical work, especially during the epidemic. As disposable slip-on garments, disposable cover shoes could prevent potentially hazardous material from coming in contact with the bottom of a person\'s shoes.

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26 Jul 2022

Non Woven Fabric Suppliers

Horizon is one of dedicated non woven fabric suppliers of surgical gown raw material for medical supplies industries and the factory manufacturing the following products: 1. face mask 2. hospital bed sheets 3. shoe cover 4. surgery hair caps.

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23 May 2022

Non Woven Fabric: What Is It & How To Made?

The non woven fabric manufacturer would introduce non woven fabrics in details, to let you have a further understanding of the non woven fabric material.

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