How to choose a face mask medical?

Medical masks are divided into ordinary face mask medical, medical surgical masks and medical protective masks, and their protection levels are gradually increased.

1) Ordinary face mask medical generally lack the filtration efficiency requirements for particles and bacteria, or the filtration efficiency requirements for particles and bacteria are lower than medical surgical masks and medical protective masks. Ordinary medical masks are generally ear-hanging, which can be used for one-time hygiene care in ordinary environments, or to block or protect particles other than pathogenic microorganisms such as pollen.

2) The surgical mask is divided into 3 layers. The outer layer has water blocking effect to prevent droplets from entering the mask; the middle layer has a filtering effect; the inner layer has a moisture absorption effect. Medical surgical masks are generally lace-up type, which are suitable for basic protection of medical staff or related personnel, as well as protection to prevent the spread of blood, body fluids and splashes during invasive operations.

Compared with ordinary face mask medical, medical surgical masks have a better barrier effect on respiratory infectious diseases, and the dustproof effect is better than ordinary medical masks, but compared with medical protective masks, the protection level of medical surgical masks is slightly weaker. .

3) Medical protective masks are suitable for the protection of airborne respiratory infectious diseases, and have a very good barrier effect on dust and haze. The protection level is the highest among these types of masks. The N95 masks we often say fall into this category.

Even the most common and cheapest medical masks have a much better protective effect than the various masks on the market. So is the mask with the higher protection level, the better?

of course not! Choose to wear according to the specific environment. Everything has its two sides. Masks are no exception. Masks with better protective functions will also have relatively better airtightness. In plain and easy-to-understand terms, they will be boring, and wearing them for a long time will cause physical discomfort.