Is it harmful to wear disposable face mask for more than 8 hours?

Disposable face masks and medical surgical masks are limited to one-time use, and the cumulative total does not exceed 8 hours. Doctors, testing staff and other staff cannot use masks for more than 4 hours, and they cannot be reused.

First, is it harmful to wear disposable face masks for more than 8 hours?

1. Strikes appear on the face.

Because of wearing masks for a long time, after removing the protective clothing and masks, there will be traces of mental strangulation on the face. Of course, this kind of strangulation itself will not do much harm to people, and it can be restored after a period of time. But wearing a mask for a long time can make people feel very uncomfortable, especially around the ears.

2. The state of the skin surface is unbalanced.

Wearing a mask for a long time, because we need to breathe continuously, the temperature and humidity in the mask will rise, which will also help the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which will lead to an imbalance in the state of the surface of the facial skin and easy to breed acne. For girls who love beauty, this is very difficult to accept, so it is best not to wear disposable face masks for more than 8 hours a day.

3. The skin likes oily.

For oily skin, wearing a mask for a long time is more likely to cause oily skin. If the skin is too oily, it can also lead to acne prone.

Second, what should I do if I have to wear a mask every day for work needs or other special circumstances?

1. Pay attention to the oil-water balance.

First of all, we must clearly understand why the skin likes to be oily? In fact, because your skin is relatively dry, the body secretes a lot of oil in order to lubricate the skin. Of course, this is also related to personal physique. People with large pores will be more prone to oily skin. So what we need more is not to remove oil, but to replenish water.

2. Thoroughly clean the skin at night.

When we went home and took off the masks, the first time we went to take a bath, we thoroughly cleaned the skin. Wash the bacteria and oils on the skin thoroughly. At the same time, proper hydration is required.

3. Massage the skin for 15 minutes.

During or after washing your face, massage your skin. This not only relieves the fatigue of the day, but also promotes the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation of the skin, and helps the skin maintain its youthful and beautiful appearance. It can also prevent acne and even spots.