How to effectively clean and maintain face masks?

How to effectively clean and maintain face masks? If you are using a disposable mask, it is best not to use it multiple times. If you need to use it multiple times, it must be cleaned and disinfected before it can be used. The following is a simple analysis of how to disinfect.

1. Soak in boiling water for 5 minutes.

First boil a pot of boiling water, after the water boils, pour the face mask into the basin. If it is a plastic basin, it is recommended to lower the temperature of the boiling water slightly before soaking the mask. If you have a ceramic basin, clean the ceramic basin first, and then put the mask in to soak for five minutes.

2. Use soap to clean.

You can use soap, washing powder, etc. to gently rub the face mask. Rub all the dusty areas. But it should be noted that if you use too much force, the fabric of the mask will become loose, thereby reducing the dust-proof function. So don't use too much force and rub gently.

3. Be sure to clean it.

After washing with soap, the face mask is then rinsed. Rinse the soap and detergent on the face mask. Just like washing clothes, it must be cleaned. Then dry it in a sunny place with good ventilation. It must be placed in the sun, which will help better disinfection and sterilization.

Standards for disinfection of face masks:

Even if we usually use face masks, we usually change them every 4 hours, so we can achieve the best results. However, this situation is mainly aimed at medical staff. However, now that masks are in short supply, medical staff cannot guarantee to replace a new mask in 4 hours. Therefore, as an ordinary person, wearing an N95 mask can be used for about a week. Disposable masks, especially N95 protective masks, are very effective. N95 masks can still achieve a good protective effect after 48 hours of use.