Will the thicker disposable face mask work better?

Due to the special circumstances of this year, everyone also needs to wear disposable face mask at ordinary times. You may have questions. Is the thicker disposable face mask better? In fact, different masks have different functions, and it is still necessary to choose a suitable disposable mask to wear according to specific needs.

The thicker disposable face mask generally have better warmth retention. The thicker disposable face mask may be relatively less comfortable when we wear them. The breathability of disposable face masks will decrease and the respiratory impedance will increase relatively. , There may be laborious breathing and airtightness. Therefore, we need to choose masks according to specific needs. We can't just look at the thickness of the masks. Like medical masks, they are effective in preventing bacteria and viruses. Those who may cause liquid splash should choose disposable face mask. When engaging in invasive operations such as hospitals that require a high level of protection, it is generally necessary to choose disposable medical masks. If it is industrial dust-proof, a disposable mask should be selected according to the required protection level. You can choose disposable face mask if you wear dust and smog in your daily life. At the same time, disposable face mask are also a daily wear type.

The thicker the disposable mask is to be selected according to the specific situation of use and the place of use.