The importance of "sorting" in medical fabric washing!fabric for disposable surgical gowns

There are many types of medical fabrics, so when washing medical fabrics, in order to ensure the washing quality and avoid cross-infection, we must pay attention to the sorting work.
Medical fabrics can be roughly divided into 5 categories

1. Clothing for medical staff, fabric for disposable surgical gowns
Such as white clothes, nurse uniforms, nurse hats, nurse pants, etc.;

2. Items in the operating room
Such as surgical gowns, isolation gowns, treatment towels, interventional treatment items, etc.;

3. Items used by the patient
Such as bed quilts, cotton mattresses, hospital gowns, large sheets (some use quilts), etc.;

4. Ward curtains

5. Medical office fabrics
Such as tablecloths, sofa covers, curtains, etc.

Standardized classification and sorting have an important impact on the washing work. If this work cannot be done well, it will sometimes even cause washing accidents.
After sorting, different types and colors of fabrics are processed in different ways.
It can be said that the sorting before washing is more important than the sorting after washing. Doing a good job of sorting will make the follow-up work more effective.