Your Guide to Medical Face Mask

As we get accustomed to a world with Coronavirus, we also get used to using the disposable face mask. More and more people also turn to ask for guidance on how long to wear surgical masks or N95 and how to properly wear them. Although we are not medical professionals, we are willing to provide some information to help you.

How to Properly Wear Medical Face Mask

To properly wear medical face mask, five step are highly recommended to you, including clean your hand, check the package, fully unfold the mask, put on face mask, and take off the face mask.

Clean Your Hands before Wearing Face Mask

Clean your hands before putting your mask on, to avoid the germs and dirt on your hands having access to polluting your mask.

Check the Packaging of Face Mask

Before wearing the medical face mask, we should check the packaging of the medical face mask to ensure the mask is not get polluted. We also should ensure the medical mask is within the date of use. If the mask gets polluted or is out of date, we should not use and abandon this mask to prevent the get infection accidentally.

Fully Unfold Face Mask

In this step, We should firstly let the fingers through the elastics, making sure the mask side with the nose bar is placed above. The face mask nose wire plays a very important role in protection.

Just like a door, it ensures the virus can not enter the inside of the face mask. Then we pill the mask through its upper and lower edges to fully unfold it. The fully unfold makes sure we can get the maximum face protection. At the same time, this unfolds also minimize the difficulty of breathing, when you wear the face mask.

Put on Your Face Mask

It’s time to put on the face mask. In this step, we hold the elastics with both hands. Then hang the surgical mask earloops to our ears. Then, we need to use the finger to press and form a stiffener above the bridge of the nose to minimize air leakage.

Take off Your Face Mask

If you come back home, you also should take it seriously in taking off the face mask. If you take off the face mask inappropriately, you still get in touch with the virus, in worst get infection. When you want to take off the face mask, you should grasp the elastics and pull them off your ears.

Then, we should be aware that we can’t touch the mask. It is because the surface of the mask contains many germs after we have been to many places. At last, after we threw the disposable face mask into the waste bin. If the mask face reusable, it should be hung in a well-ventilated environment. After that, We should wash our hands, in accordance with the seven-step hand-washing method.

Can We Reuse Disposable Surgical Masks during COVID-19?

NO, you can’t reuse disposable surgical masks. CDC does not recommend the reuse of disposable surgical masks. FDA indicates that there may be availability concerns with surgical masks during the COVID-19 public health emergency, but there are strategies to conserve surgical masks.

Can I Wear Two Disposable Masks to Protect Against COVID-19?

Do not wear two disposable masks! A disposable mask is not designed to fit tightly and wearing more than one will not improve fit. The worst is the wearing of the two disposable masks causes difficulty in breathing.

How Long Do Medical Face Masks Last?

When we initially wear the medical face mask, we may be confused about how long can we wear a surgical. Here is the manufacturer’s guidance.

How Long Can You Wear A Surgical Mask?

Typically, the surgical mask can be worn for up to 8 hours, or until they get too moist or soiled.

How Long Does an N95 Mask Last?

To ensure the great effect of the protection, the manufacturers suggest that the face mask n95 can be worn for 3-4 hours at a time.

Where to Buy Medical Face Masks?

In such a serious epidemic environment, we may have difficulty going outside to buy the medical face mask, especially for those who don’t have one piece of face mask. Thanks to the Internet, we could get a face mask to order. You could find the qualified mask face wholesale to purchase the medical face masks.


All in all, the face mask plays a very important role in protecting us away from Covid-19. It is necessary to pay more attention to all notices of wearing masks. Hopefully, the above information from the China professional face mask wholesaler could help you know more about the face mask.