Your Guide to Face Mask N95

With the appearance of the Delta and Omicron, the coronavirus epidemic still raging in the world. Face masks also become more and more important in defeating the disease. The face mask N95 also becomes a major force in protecting people.

But do you know the differences between different types of face masks? Do you know what is N95 face mask is? Today, I will introduce the n95 face mask in detail, and solve some common problems about the N95 face mask that people often ask.

What is N95 Face Mask?

If you want to fully understand what is a N95 face mask, you could start with the meaning of “N95”.   “N” is a respirator rating letter class. It stands for “non-oil”, meaning that you could use it in a work environment that has no oil-based particulates. There are other two masks rating: P(oil proof) and R(resistant to oil for 8 hours).

95 means the mask could filter at least 95 percent airborne particles. .3 microns means this mask could filter out dust, fumes, mists, and other contaminants. According to CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the particles (equal to or larger than .3 microns ) and large droplets can not go through the barrier. Because of the excellent face mask designs, the N95 face masks are the great medical supply for hospital.

Can You Reuse N95 Masks?

Yes, you can! The N95 face masks are reusable, only if you properly sterilize them. But how to sterilize it? Good question! You could keep reading the following parts to find your answers
face mask medical
Face Mask Medical

How to Disinfect My N95 Face Mask?

I will list three of the most important and promising disinfection methods recommended by the CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): VHP, UVGI, and Moist heat incubation.

●Vaporous hydrogen peroxide(VHP)

The gaseous phase of the hydrogen peroxide passes through the mask face fabric. Compared with the liquid form, the gaseous phase of hydrogen peroxide could be more penetrating and causes less damage to the features of the N95 face mask.

●Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI)

The UVGI also could be used for disinfecting the face mask. But the disinfecting quality of Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is significantly affected by the dose of the UV light and how much of the mask is actually reached.

●Moist Heat Incubation

This method is to expose the face mask to hot air with high relative humidity. This heat treatment also does not damage the feature and function of the N95 face mask.

How Do You Know If the N95 or KN95 Mask is Real?

When you order the face mask in some stores, you may be worried about whether it is the real one. Here are three useful tests that could help identify whether your face masks are real.

●Test 1: You could put on your face mask. Then hold and activate a lighter six inches from your mouth. The last thing you need to do is try to blow the flame. If the flame still lights, the N95 face mask is efficient.

●Test 2: You could sniff the lying candy with the mask on or the mask off. The certified mask allows you to catch the fragrance but only faintly.

●Test 3: You could try to contain the water with the use of the inside of the mask face. If your medical face mask is certified, it can cup the water without leakage.
printed face masks
Printed Face Masks

Notice: The FDA is never certifying your face mask, expect “clear” and “approve”. Therefore, if the medical face mask manufacturer exclaims that they are certified in the U.S. You should pay more attention to identifying whether the mask is real. The facemask earloops also is another thing you need to focus on. If the earloops are not band when they go around your head, they may not go to work as an N95.


When you plan to purchase a printed face mask/medical face mask in bulk, you need to pay more attention to certificates of the face mask suppliers, to prevent getting the fake face masks. If you are want to purchase a face mask, you had better find trustworthy and certified professional face mask manufacturers.