Printed Face Masks Wholesale

Under such a serious epidemic situation, it is necessary to wear a face mask. However, the face mask with a blue surface may seem dull. Then, printed face masks are introduced. They not only work well as the face mask but also add an extra cute element to the face mask.

Are These Face Masks Reusable and Washable?

As a matter of fact, the face mask which really plays a role in preventing bacteria is disposable and unwashable, especially face mask n95. The middle of the face mask n95 is a filter layer, a melt-blown layer, that has a large amount of static electricity, which can effectively filter particles in the air. Once get washed, the static electricity in the face mask will disappear, and the filtration efficiency will be greatly reduced, as a result, the face mask n95 will lose its protective role. An ordinary face mask such as a cloth face mask just can simply prevent dust.

How Much Do Masks Cost in Bulk?

It depends on the amount and type of face mask your order. In Horizon, our minimum order quantity is 2500. if you are hunting for custom printed face masks or logo printed face mask, you can contact us:


The printed face mask design varies according to your needs. As a business owner, you could custom printed face mask with logo for your staff as an advertising method. If you have an interest in custom printed masks, Horizon has custom printed face mask wholesale at a good price.