What Are Non-Woven Fabrics?

With the spread of the epidemic, the need for medical protection products also gets increased, so non-woven fabrics also come into the eyes of the public as raw materials for medical products. But, do you actually understand what it is? Fortunately, this post would illustrate what are non-woven fabrics and what they are used for.

What Are Non-Woven Fabrics?

Non-woven fabrics are a kind of fabric-like material made from staple fiber (short) and long fibers (continuous long). With multiple processes, these two fibers get bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat, or solvent treatment. Polypropylene non woven filter fabric is one of the most commonly used materials in many industries.


pp spunbond nonwoven fabric

What Are Non-Woven Fabrics Used for?

The pp non woven fabric is an ideal raw material for the manufacturing of both single-use (or disposable) and durable clothing. The non woven fabric raw material can be found in protective clothing, garment linings, interlinings, waddings, shoe linings, and synthetic leather fabrics.

Where to Buy Non-Woven Fabrics

With the increased medical product needs, most medical product manufacturers keep looking for reliable non woven fabric raw material suppliers to ensure a stable supply. Today, allow me to introduce you to a reliable and professional China factory of non woven polypropylene fabric and medical non woven fabric -Horizon.

Horizon is reckoned as one of the trusted enterprises of non woven polypropylene fabric in China. Relying on good quality non woven fabric raw material and an advanced production line, Horizon offers great medical non woven fabric for many hospitals. Here are the advantages of Horizon.

Advantages 1: High-Quality Non Woven Fabric

Horizon always adheres to the concept that in making a great and clean medical product, it is necessary to ensure the raw material is clean and excellent. Therefore, Horizon only uses high-quality polypropylene to ensure stable product quality and performance. 

non woven fabric material

Advantage 2: Advanced SS Non-Woven Production Line

The Horizon adopts an advanced SS non-woven production line. The PP non woven fabric is soft and has good uniformity that meets the quality requirements of medical products

Advantage 3: Customizable Medical Non Woven Fabric Service

With over a decade of experience in manufacturing non-woven fabric, Horizon is capable of providing customizable pp spunbond nonwoven fabric. We can make special treatments such as hydrophilic, anti-static, anti-UV,anti-bacterial, fire resistant, etc.

Advantage 4: Stable Product Supply

Owning large warehousing storage,  Horizon has a sufficient raw material inventory for the long term. Therefore, Horizon is able to ensure the stable price of the product. You don't have to worry too much about the product's price.



Horizon is reckoned one of the reliable non woven fabric raw material suppliers in the world, specializing in the production and supply of non woven polypropylene fabric, medical non woven fabric, pp spunbond nonwoven fabric.